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faq common section


What size machines do you have? How many?

We have 43 Washers 20lb, 40lb and 60lb and 50 Dryers 30lb and 45 lb

What makes you Eco friendly?

Our soaps are phosphate and hydrocarbon free. They are green ECO-Friendly products and are especially formulated for washing machines. Detergents are low sudsing but high cleaning products. Too many suds and/or too much water act as cushions when your clothes drop in the drum, so the dirt is not dislodged. Our water and suds levels are kept low to give maximum pounding and maximum washing power. Our electrical energy use for both drying and washing is as low as is possible to achieve with current technology. Our water is heated on demand by instant hot boilers no tanks and no wasted water.

What do you mean by High Efficiency?

Low water and energy use with maximum washing and drying power How do you monitor water, and power usage?
We track water and power usage daily to make sure that all processes are working as they should.

Can I use my own detergent?

YES, you can use your own detergent.

How often do you offer laundry pickup & Delivery service?

We are trying to work around your schedule. Please download our free app, and schedule the time that is convenient for you.

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Where are you located?

We are located at 1431 McCarter Hwy, Newark, NJ 07104, United States.

How much do you charge per lb?

We charge only $1.20 per pound (min. 10 pound).

Do you offer commercial laundry services?

We offer wash laundry services to businesses all over Newark and surrounding cities.