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23 September, 2022


Why choose Clean Choice Laundry for Your Laundry Needs

Doing laundry independently might feel like a burden and a never-ending task. If you are ready to put more enjoyable pursuits on snooze, maybe you need to rethink. Laundry services can help you get rid of all laundry responsibilities. Isn’t that relieving? Laundry needs differ for every household. While some want to access laundry services for their delicate clothes, others wish to have professional services daily. Depending on their needs, people hire laundry services that do not overburden them financially. When hiring the best laundry services is your only concern, choosing clean laundry could be wise. However, the burning question remains unanswered, are laundry services worth your consideration? Let us discuss some important factors that make clean choice laundry services your first choice:

  • CNP Laundry Services offers wash and fold services that cut your burden to half. You only have to prune the washing clothes, and we will do the rest. Give us a call, and we can discuss the most convenient slot for you. With our focus on improving customer experience, we avail you of a timely pickup facility. Our experts are determined to be uptight with their services and bring their best potential to the table. CNP Laundry offers wash and folds services that leave you with nothing but to put your clothes back in a pile.
  • We have large Laundromats that can take up any amount of load. If you have a pile of heavy clothing ready, we got you covered. Our large Laundromats can help you with curtain cleaning and washing heavy jackets and bedsheets. The idea of serving our clients with perfection starts with zeroing in on their overall needs. CNP Laundry Services understand the difficulty of managing daily chores with a busy work schedule and provide the most suitable solutions.
  • CNP Laundry is one of the most approached and hired dry cleaning and laundry services. We know the frustration one gets when they don’t get the desired parking. Contemplating the problem, we came up with easy access to the parking area. If we are on your way, you are most welcome to visit us personally and clear your doubts. The best part is, it’s free! We know this is not the most surprising feature we possess, but trust us, you will save so much time with zero hassle parking.

Denver is a busy place that hoards hardworking people. Here, people value time the most, and since we value our customers, we take care of their time. Visit us without hesitation and leave your pile of clothes with us for much-needed pampering.



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23 October, 2022


Have you ever encountered a situation where you took out your favorite shirt from the dryer and noticed shrinkage in… Continue reading Why choose Clean Choice Laundry for Your Laundry Needs

23 September, 2022


Doing laundry independently might feel like a burden and a never-ending task. If you are ready to put more enjoyable… Continue reading Why choose Clean Choice Laundry for Your Laundry Needs



I love this place! I've been coming here for over 8 years! Its extremely clean. The machines work. Yesenia DESERVES A RAISE! She is not only friendly and easy to approach, but she works hard to keep this place clean, in between doing loads of laundry herself! Because of her I come back EVERY WEEK! Best place in Newark for sure!

Cece Merejo

Clean, great prices, and friendly staff. Machines have great washing options extra wash, extra rinse, and settings for heavier loads like rugs etc. The prices are awesome! Parking, and a place next door to grab a bite to eat! Best laundry place in the area!

Olivia Ware

Good laundromat, they are always cleaning and folding , I believe there’s three girls working there and I adore them. There the reason I drive so far to this laundromat because the hospitality is amazing and their customer service is also great. I will continue going here as long as it stays the way it is. Just have bigger soap choices. Thank you ladies!

Ashley Millan

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